Giselle Valdes 

Gazing over an enticing abysm 
My feet, submerged in quartz of crystals
You, undisturbed by my inertia 
Your apathy caught in motion

My hands splashed, my body sank
My energy faded by the second,
But I still couldn’t reach you.
I know you heard me screaming … Save me!

You never looked back, and I kept 
Losing myself, clogging my chords
Smelling death
Invaded by unscrupulous water 

My jewelry battered by inevitable corrosion 
My flesh, degraded by voracious bacteria 
And my spirit consumed by an infinite silence 
Not the sound of waves, but rather that of oblivion 

The unknown terrified my shattered loneliness 
Amused and depressed
Mesmerized by chromatic creatures 
Contrasted with heart-breaking darkness and depth 

I gave up
It was too late 
Revealed as a corpse, 
A hopeless castaway  

©2021 by URBANA 

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