The Berlin Wall

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Artwork by Nastya Dulhïer

By Juan Quiroz

May 13th, 2022 at 9:00 P.M. EST.  


        Do you know many people died trying to cross the berlin wall? The berlin wall was one of the most dreadful creations in the history of Berlin. The Berlin Wall was built in Germany on August 13, 1961, by The East German leader (Walter Ulbricht). The Berlin Wall was 75 miles long, which divided people from their families and neighborhoods, and divided Germany and the World for at least 28 years. The berlin wall was the most dangerous thing ever constructed in the entire world, as the death strip, the Berlin airlift, and the ending of the Berlin Wall. These factors demonstrated how the Berlin Wall was a hazardous construction worldwide.

          The Berlin wall had a death strip between those two walls; many people lost their lives crossing it between 1952 and 1988. According to Hesse (1989), “this Berlin wall consisted of 75 miles with protected electric wires and consisted of two divisions, having between these two walls the “Death Strip.” The death Strip was known for the armed protection for people who tried to escape. The death strip had around 150 guard dogs,25 watchtowers, 50 bunkers, 20.000 landmines, and armed soldiers. Many people had hoped to escape. A few use hot air balloons or dig underground; not many make it. Around 5,000 victorious East Germans crossed the Wall, another 5,000 were captured, and about 191 were killed during the act before the Berlin wall airlift occurred.

           Moreover, the Berlin airlift occurred on June 24, 1948. Western people could not go outside their territory since the East and West were separated by the Wall and had a death strip between those two walls. Therefore, the U.S, Great Britain, and France supported their sides with food and supplies distribution. According to Hurd (1948), “The United States air force ordered forty C-54 types of transport. They were known as the “Berlin airlift,” providing to the west of Berlin with 4,000 tons of food, fuel, and other supplies daily.” The Berlin airlift lasted for about two years. Many Berliners were very thankful for the reserves and hoped this nightmare would end soon.

        Finally, the nightmare of the Berlin Wall started to be tearing down after two years that President Ronald Regan gave a Berlin speech on June 12, 1987. According to the New York Italics (1986), President Ronal Regan gave the Berlin Wall speech saying to Mikhail Gorbachev, leader of the Soviet Union, “tear down this Wall.” Two years after East Germany, they started to tear down the Wall. The East and West finally can be reunited all over again. Germany became one independent state once more. Many people return to their homes with their loved ones, friends, and neighborhoods after 30 decades of living a nightmare. Berliners felt victorious for this accomplishment of the ending of the Berlin Wall.

        To sum up, the Berlin Wall was built by the East German leader Walter Ulbricht. As a cause of that, the Berlin Wall was one of the terrifying events in the whole history of Berlin. Germany was divided into four regions which separated families, work, neighborhoods, and the entire world for at least 28 years. Furthermore, the Berlin Wall resulted in several factors like the Death Strip: Berlin airlift and the teardown of the Wall. Approximately 159 people died during this terrifying event, and at least 5,000 people survived. Thanks to the support of the Berlin airlift and President Ronald Regan forgave the Berlin speech for tearing down the Wall. Nowadays, the east and west of Berlin are considered a reunited state again.

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