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        Our eleventh volume intends to reveal the many faces of addictive, self-destructive, and obsessive habits. Whether you binge-watched that last Netflix original while taking smoke breaks after every episode, you fell head over heels for that person and couldn’t think of anything else, or perhaps you felt anxious and depressed. But you know how those things go - keep it inside, no matter how difficult, don’t talk about your struggle, you think you’re playing victim, and people couldn’t care less about your insecurities. We’ve been there, and somehow art is a common place for us. Urbana Vol. XI believes art has a contract with its audience. As artists, our duty is to heal, lend a hand, say me too. We created this magazine hoping to empower and to deal with our own nightmares and yours. The pieces that live inside these pages were carefully selected to do your time justice. If you’ve read this far, turn the page and focus on what’s important. Enjoy! With love, Luis E. Prieto and Anto Chavez Co-Editors-in-Chief

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