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Pelo Malo: An Afro-Latina Experience

"For a while, I rocked a mini ‘fro. I began to listen to Beyonce, all the while learning to love my “baby hair and afro, my negro nose and Jackson 5 nostrils.” I started to educate myself on the history of my own people, and have since then even held the honor of co-hosting a discussion panel on the topic of racism to over 500 students."


Ashlie Rodriguez is a second-year Mass Communications major at the EJP Campus Honors College. She is the Secretary of the Youth for Environmental Sustainability Club at the Padron Campus, and a writer for Miami Dade College’s official student newspaper The Reporter, and the Urbana Literary Arts Magazine. Her passions involve politics, as well as a desire for communication and social activism. She aspires to one day use these skills by becoming an environmental lawyer at EarthJustice- “because the Earth needs a good lawyer!”. In her free time, she enjoys reading and going on walks with her Yorkie, Cookie. Ashlie began writing as a means of both informing and expressing her voice on subjects she believes to be both relevant and urgent to today’s society.

Laura Santos


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The Macaw Never Stopped Singing

"As I earned the position of Editor-in-Chief at my campus’s literary magazine, I also published some of my most intimate pieces. Many of them deal with mental illness and loss, for which writing and Urbana provide a platform to many students. Editing and storytelling are the passions through which I channel all my vision and endeavors as I continue my education."

Laura Santos is currently the co-editor-in-chief for Urbana Volume XIV and former editor and layout designer for Volume XIII. She is a first-generation immigrant originally from Honduras who has a deep passion for challenging the status quo and improving her community. As an orphan who migrated to the United States in 2014, she holds deep interest in social policy. Thus, she is pursuing a political science degree at The Honors College at MDC with ultimate purpose of become involved in policy, journalism, and government affairs. She is an avid fan of MMORPG, "World of Warcraft" and during her free time, she enjoys writing, reading, binge watching historical fiction, and playing videogames in either Nintendo Switch or PC.


Daniela Lopez


La última siesta

Allá que fue la huesuda,

con todo y capa corriente,

a llevarse sin ayuda

al ex vicepresidente.


Pues iba ella pensando

sitios por si se escondía,

¡mas le costó ir procesando

que el señor Biden dormía!

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Daniela Lopez is a psychology major at Miami Dade College, currently in her second year at the Honors College Dual Language program at Eduardo J. Padrón Campus. She is also co-Editor-in-Chief of Urbana Literary & Arts magazine for its volume XIV, as well as the secretary of the recently founded club JapAnime. Her greatest passions consist of spending quality time with her loved ones (including her cat Chessi), reading, consuming audiovisual content, and learning curious psychological facts.

David martin




"What is beauty; except that which you hold. 

Who among you can claim that which is due. 

Tried by the fire and yet you come forth anew. 

Your experience is worth more than gold. 

The heavens view you as life to behold. 

Strikingly radiant, the sun-kissed hue. 

And with each new breath, from the dirt you grew.

We watched it unfold, your future untold." 

After finishing his Associate in Arts degree at Miami Dade College, David Martin is now getting ready to transition to a four-year institution in which he will be able to pursue a degree in English with a focus on creative writing. When asked as to how he became an avid reader and writer. David provided us with this answer. “Some of my earliest memories are of reading books from the collection known as I can read books. My father had me reading these books to him around the age of four or five. And when you couple those memories with that of me watching my mother write words of inspiration for the church’s bulletin. Alongside the fact that I have a very active imagination it is as if I was destined to be a writer.”



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A Moment in Time

As we regained awareness of the situation, we raced straight to my house without looking back. The keys in my pocket incessantly jingled as I struggled to get them out. My hands were shaking, and my face felt like it was on fire. Finally, I managed to open the door, and run straight to the kitchen to spray water on our sweating faces. Our clothes reeked of smoke, and my mouth continued to taste like blood. I looked at my cousin: she was emotionally wrecked and so was I.

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Xiu Hau is currently a student at Miami Dade College and part of The Honors College. She has been part of the editing team for Urbana’s volume XIV. She is originally from Venezuela and has a deep passion for writing and all types of storytelling. Xiu is a mass communications major with the ultimate goal of becoming an editor and screenplay writer and producer for all types of media. For Xiu, writing represents a way to explore her creativity and communicate universal stories.

adriana alonso


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Adriana Alonso was born in Cuba but moved to Spain at six years old, where she completed eight years of education and learned Catalan as a second language. At 13 years old, she immigrated to the United States. She just finished pursuing her A.A in Biological Sciences at Miami Dade Honors College and plans on continuing her education at a four-year institution. Her ultimate goal is to go to medical school to gain an M.D Degree and later specialize in emergency medicine.  Apart from science, she is passionate about art. A white paper and some paint are her happy place—a path to her mind and emotions. For Adriana, a painting it's a type of therapy, an expression, a protest. Art has been that unique element she has always been proud of. Although it all started as a hobby, drawing became part of her identity. Her inspiration evolves from controversial topics and life challenges. For her, art is a door to freedom and a platform for self-expression.


Wolfang Rugeles

design director

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Wolfang Rugeles is an Honors College student at the Eduardo J. Padron Campus. He has been involved in Urbana since Volume XIII as the Design Director. Even though he is a mechanical engineering student, his artistic vision has helped shape both volumes with his art, design ideas, and layouts. For Wolfang, art is his way to let the soul free and plasm ideas and feelings either on paper or a canvas.