Plastic Bag in Ocean
Image by Alejandro Barba


Trump el panzón

La flaca fue asignada

a una visita muy poco esperada

ya que se le esperaba

Que a Donald Trump lo pusieran bajo dieciocho pulgadas

2020-09-18 13_02_11.950.jpg
2020-09-18 13_02_11.950.jpg


La última siesta

Allá que fue la huesuda,

con todo y capa corriente,

a llevarse sin ayuda

al ex vicepresidente



A Moment in Time

Even though it was a sunny spring morning, the smoke barely left room to appreciate the sky. The protests had been going on for weeks. They usually began past 6:00 PM but this time, the chaos started earlier...



Sunset Tragedy

Thank you Maybel I will, but don’t worry too much. (pouts like a baby trying to cheer her up) I have a feeling things will get better, he even offered to pay for some therapy sessions so we could fix things. 

Plastic Bag in Ocean


Ocean's 1

All we do is take her for granted.
We fish because we have to feed,
but look around —
Do you really see so much need?




What is beauty; except that which you hold. 

Who among you can claim that which is due. 

Tried by the fire and yet you come forth anew. 

Your experience is worth more than gold. 



The Starcrossed Ballad 

Doctor enters the examination room. The assistant nurse had just finished the routine work and intake forms on ESCARLATA, a bottle blonde 21 year old woman. They commented on her bloodwork results.


Academic Essay

Freudian and Jungian Perspectives in Literature

The human mind, even today, harbors fascinating unknowns that specialists try to decipher through various means. For more than a century, psychology has been one of the main tools used for this function. 



My Peace

"License and registration, please?"
Why should I have to fear when I hear those words?
Why does a crippling anxiety take over my world?


Eternal Moon

...As his eyes began to lose focus, Isaiah recalled the feeling of being free and surrounded by friends in a world that seemed just as real as the one he was awake in... 




26-year old John sits in his home office. The lights are all off except for the glaring white screen of his laptop, where he’s scrolling through his ex-girlfriend Jodie’s latest Instagram posts.

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