Colorful Buildings

My Tongue Is Still in Its Place

by Giselle Valdes

Now you want to silence me,
but after saying “Patria o Muerte”
you praised me.
You, who soak in warm water
while my parents come home
after swirling in mud.
Their hands dirty from your fetid affairs
to provide food for our starved conscience.
I, that must seem undisturbed when
history is changed to support your
glorious, yet unscrupulous conquistas.
La historia me absolverá,
Leery pages that champion for liberty
but muffled my voice.
Throw me to the sharks.
Dismember every limb from my body.
I won’t give up what you seek.
I will scream: tyranny.
My tongue is still in its place.

Giselle Valdes

Co-Editor-in-Chief V13

"I don't want

the fire."

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