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Updated: Apr 9

Where are you from?

My least favorite question!


Well let me give you a demonstration:

"Where are you from"?

"I'm from here"

"No, your parents"

"Oh, Peru"

"Oh, so how's your llama"?

"Your gold"?

"Worshipping the sun"?

"I thought you were Mexican"

Besides all these stereotypes

I fail to meet certain Latino expectations

From my friends

Porque cada vez que yo empiezo a hablar español

Ellos dicen:

"Eres gringo"

They speak Spanish to me:

"Olvide que eres gringo"

And not because I haven't tried certain foods

"You're not a real Peruvian"

"Can't dance"?


I don't get why society does this to people

Take labels

Place labels

As if they're the ones who decide your heritage

It hurts me

Porque si yo no aprendo como

Hablar, bailar, y comer

como un Latino

Después nunca me van a

dejar ser Latino


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