Please submit all entries to: urbanalitpadron@gmail.com.

All submissions should be made electronically via e-mail by due date. Please include “Submission V14” in the subject line, along with the type of entry (English fiction, Spanish Poetry, Photography, etc.), and/or medium used. For example, “Submission V14, Fiction” or “Submission V14, Oil Painting.” All work submitted must be original work by the student submitting the entry. Keep a copy of your work. We will not return manuscripts. In the body of the same e-mail message, include your contact and submission information.

  • Name

  • Address      

  • E-mail

  • Phone number 

Students may make multiple submissions in the same category or in different categories. We are currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis for our web content until June 1, 2021; however, for consideration in Volume XIV print magazine, we will need submissions by no later than 3/26/21.

Students submitting to Urbana must be registered in credit courses at MDC Eduardo J. Padrón Campus. 



Submission of a Photo Series may include multiple photos; although we recommend limiting each titled submission to six (6) photos or less. Likewise, for Photo Series submission with multiple photos the staff may choose only parts of a series for publishing, in which case the artist will be contacted. Format: DIGITAL ​

• JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP or RAW. No other digital formats will be accepted.

• Dimensions are to be no less than 2000 pixels on either side of the photography


It must be a clear and visible photograph of your artwork. Once considered, we will contact you to see your work. Once accepted, you must not modify your work. Series work is limited to (6) pieces (one per photo) per submission.

If photo of work is less than 2000 pixels on each side, our staff photographer must be given access to artwork to take an appropriate photograph of it.

Entries are subject to alterations in size. Image sizes may be decreased to at least a third of a page. For modifications such as cropping, the entrant will be asked to provide his or her consent.

Please submit a photo of your work (or scan smaller 2-dimensional works).

Poetry & Prose

Entrants in the poetry and prose categories must agree to abide by the editorial discretion of our staff and allow for corrections in syntax or grammar as determined by our editors. In the event of major modifications to a student's entry, the staff may contact the student. Submit all written work in MS Word or equivalent word processed document. All entries must be double spaced and 12pt font. Additionally, the following word count guidelines are strongly suggested:

•  Fiction – 800 to 1,500 word count

•  Flash Fiction/Nonfiction – 300 to 600 word count

•  Play – Script  max 2,000 words

Poetry – 3,000 words

      - Series poems are limited to five poems per entry, not exceeding 3,000 words in aggregate.

• Creative Non-fiction – 1500 word count

(We will consider larger word counts)


If you are working on something (other than photography or written word), for example, music and/or videos, or you have an idea for a podcast episode, and you think it has potential, we suggest you submit an “as is” image electronically. Let us know that you are currently working on it and expect to be done before the deadline.