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For you, we created something to get your minds to wind and unwind, burn and breathe, to be romanced or broken. The volume started in the middle of events difficult to ignore and that needed voice. A voice that needed to tell a story of our reality, or for some, fantasy. Amid chaos and disagreements, we found our ground. Overwhelming as it may be, you shouldn’t lose focus of what constitutes the person you are. Fighting for others becomes easier when you discover that first. Self-identification can be terrifying. It isn’t about labels or categories. Ask yourself: Who are you? What makes you feel beautiful? We are talking about you. The one who looks back in the mirror every morning when no one is around. Who is that? Figuring ourselves out in a filtered world is as strenuous as it sounds. Taking these questions into account, we have conceived, crafted, and served this volume of UЯBANA so you devour it as if it were your takeout order, and no one is watching. Except everyone was watching and so were we. We pushed through injustice and fear of judgment. Amazingly enough, our humanity developed as we continued learning what made us feel beautiful. So, what is beauty? Valuing people, acknowledging their hard work, and inspiring each other. Panic attacks, messages laced with worries, and tears. Caring is beautiful. I can only hope you read this at some point, and if it does end up on your shelf, please dust it every so often. XO, Guisell Gomez Editor-in-Chief Click below to access Vol. X

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