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Photo Credit: Adriana Garcia

Writing Credit: Adriana Garcia


You remind me of the sunshine.’

How could I be so foolish as to believe you?

But your eyes dilated every time they met mine,

And you couldn’t let go of me when you saw me.

I was too naive.

I was too in on it to be cautious.

I let my guard down as soon as my eyes met yours for the first time.

I let you in.

I offered you the heart I had just fixed,

It was our promise to keep,

And you broke it, you broke me.

I am young, yet I feel like I have lived a thousand lives.

Your name still startles me,

And I wish I could erase you from my memory,

Yet my brain refuses,

Because it loves to replay what we had,

And what we did.

I blame myself

Because I did not know how to treat you.

I am learning to love again.

I am trying to love the way I loved you.

But did I even love you?

It has been months

Since I last heard your voice,

Since my lips last caressed yours,

Since I touched you for the last time.

And I cannot seem to get you off my mind.

You moved on.

You give all of that to someone new.

You forgot me.

My name, my touch,

And I am learning to accept that you are no longer mine.

I am still confused.

I am looking for the reason why you left,

And for the reason why I cannot forget.

Every day gets harder,

I feel like I cannot love anymore.

But, did I even love you?

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